ゆきのあと  /  After the Snowstorm

After the Snowstorm
I am a landscape photographer based in Hokkaido, Japan. Even though I photograph in all seasons, there is something magical about the winter. After the snow falls, the land suddenly becomes achromatic; all that was considered important disappears as if the slate has been wiped clean. 
The transitions of the four distinctive seasons are clear in Hokkaido. Winter is long and the snow falls intermittently for about four months, even in the lowland plains where I live. Often falling rapidly, the snow can cover a few meters in no time at all, taking people by surprise and some times their lives. This depresses me. However, after the snowstorm when all the snow settles, there is this endless expanse of white, pure and quiet.
When I walk on the fluffy virgin snow, in the distance I notice unusual forms. On closer examination it is only some weeds, with its stork broken and leaves fallen, leaving only a skeletal form. Against the white snow these forms appear black and form sharp markings, as if drawn. This monochromatic scene fascinates me and so I capture that moment, as if the land is trying to tell me something. I feel a connection to the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido. Their belief in reincarnation is that when their role on earth is completed, they return to the world of God, and in due course will reappear. I felt this sentiment precisely at that moment, and so have given each work a title to reflect the world of the Ainu.

Japan style hand binding book  "After the Snowstorm" material is Washi. The hand made size 210×297mm, Edition 30 only. Edit at the 30 winter plants images and 30 indigenous Ainu words. Capture in HOKKAIDO JAPAN all photographs. 和紙プリントを和綴じしたハンドメイド写真集 "ゆきのあと" A4サイズ、エデイション30の限定。 北海道で撮影された30の冬の植物と30のアイヌの言葉で編集。

Watch the production. 制作の様子を見られます。

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